DBA Management in Agribusiness

DBA Management in Agribusiness

What is the DBA Management in Agribusiness intended for?

Studying Agricultural Management as part of a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program can provide you with valuable insights into the agricultural industry, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to address the unique challenges and opportunities in the sector. Here are some potential areas of focus and learning outcomes for DBA studies in Agricultural Management. 

What you will be able:

  • Develop a deep understanding of agricultural business models, competitive strategies, and value chain dynamics.
  • Understand the various risks in agriculture, such as weather-related risks, market price fluctuations, and regulatory challenges. 
  • Investigate the latest technological advancements in agriculture, such as precision farming, biotechnology, and automation.
  • Evaluate the impact of technology on productivity, sustainability, and profitability in agriculture.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the agricultural sector, including its history, current state, and future trends.

Employment opportunities:

After completing a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with a specialization in Agricultural Management, you will be well-equipped with advanced knowledge and skills in both business administration and the agricultural sector. This combination of expertise can open up various employment opportunities across different areas of the agriculture industry. Here are some potential career paths and opportunities:

  • Agricultural Business Management
  • Agricultural Consulting
  • Government and Regulatory Agencies
  • Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship
Language: Slovak, German, English, Hungarian a.o. Online form
ECTS: 60 After course students can use DBA or Dr.BA title AFTER name.
Diploma: in English language The course ends with the submission of a thesis and its defense.
Duration: 2 Semester Study through online platform (SEP).
Study fee: 7.000 EUR / Semester. Adapt the study to your living conditions.

Studying with us has the following advantages:

  • high flexibility in the organization of studies,
  • the possibility of obtaining a qualification in addition to employment or entrepreneurship,
  • no obligation to sit in the school every day or on weekends.
  • adaptation to the language
The DBA Management in Agribusiness program graduate acquires knowledge in the field of economics belonging to the agricultural sector.

Content Of The Educational Programme ​

      MODULES                                                                      CREDITS

  1. Strategic management                                                                                       6
  2. Strategic management                                                                                       6 
  3. Talent management and HR                                                                             6
  4. Project and business process management                                                  6
  5. Psychology and communication in business                                                 6
  6. Managerial economics                                                                                       6
  7. Marketing and market communication                                                          6
  8. Image communication        (PR, social media, brand management)          6
  9. Business etiquette and savoir vivre                                                                 6
  10. Executive coaching and mentoring                                                                  6

      Total                                                                                                                         60

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