Mondo International Academy

About us 

Mondo International Academy is an International, modern and innovative academy. No boundaries, no place, no time. Our students can study without exam dates and time pressure. As an exclusive cooperation partner of Madison International Institute & Business School (MIIBS) we offer Ph.D., DBA, MA, BBA, BA, studies.

Mondo International Academy also provides postgraduate programs such as MBA, MSc, MPH and specialized courses for adults.

We coordinate secondary education with graduation for adolescents and for our youngest children we have prepared a youth academy with game-based learning.

Mondo International Academy as a coordinator of MIIBS programs offers qualified consulting in choosing a suitable course which always reflects students’ demands, their previous learning outcomes, and practical experience.

Innovation characterize our education.

The Mondo International Academy acts as a student counselor and also as a study coordinator who also help to prevent technical, communication or administrative obstacles. An advantage in this context is that study programs that are not taught in the mother language of a student but in the Hungarian, German or English languages ​​can be studied in the Slovak language or vice versa. Thanks to our cooperation with MIIBS, we are able to create the language variance of the study.

Mondo International Academy is more than a business school. We offer wide range of study programmes and individual specializations.

Our students benefit from creative and innovative way of the study encouraging their personal development and entrepreneurial thinking.

Diplomas issued by MIIBS are internationally recognized. Accreditation of MIIBS enables us to follow innovative trends of educational methods.