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Ph.D. Philosophy Doctor

Ph.D. Doctor (Philosophy Doctor) in connection with online form of the study was developed to develop knowledge from previous studies.

Ph.D. program is flexible and less time-consuming study. It is a gate to academic community of participants who want to further develop their knowledge or transfer the knowledge to students within lecturing activity at universities. Study is intended for future scientific workers as well as for experts in the field of law, political science, economy, management, social work and healthcare, who need to gain and enhance their research and analytic skills.-  Application

The dissertation thesis is delivered in Slovak, English or German. If the dissertation was not written in English, it must contain min. 10 pages of a summary of the topic, research and results in English.

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be awarded the Ph.D. – Philosophy Doctor.

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Mondo International Academy is a modern and innovative academy. As an exclusive cooperation partner of Madison International Institute &Business School (MIIBS) offers Ph.D, MA, BBA, BA a BSc. studies

Entry requirements:  

  • Completion of Master´s degree.
  • In addition to the general entry requirements, you must meet the specific entry requirements detailed in each program. Within the Ph.D. students continue their professional focus, which are related or similar from the study completed at II. university degree.

The study consists of compulsory, mandatory and elective modules.

The length of the study is 27 months – 9 years.

PhD studies comprises:

  • Publishing articles
  • Individual scientific research work
  • Developing 4 specialized tasks
  • Following an individual study plan, attend conferences, take courses within a doctoral programme and write a thesis.

Mondo International Academy provides publication of articles in scientific journals and online publications for Ph.D. students.

The study is conducted under the supervision of a supervisor and ends with the passing and defense of the dissertation thesis (150/250 pages).

For more information about general admission procedure click here. 

Selection of programs

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DBA Doctor of business administration


Ph.D. Project management
Ph.D. Marketing and business management
Ph.D. Business Economics and Business
Ph.D. World Economy
Ph.D. Management of international trade
Ph.D. The environmental economy of sustainable development,
Ph.D. Human resource Management,
Ph.D. insurance
Ph.D. Audit finance and administration,
Ph.D. Enterprise Management
Ph.D. Transport and Logistics,
Ph.D. Safety engineering