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MPA – Master of Public Administration

MPA Master of Public Administration study programs are programs in which students understand decision processes of organizational structures and budgetary processes in the public sector. Students have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in effective policy making in public sector bodies. This study programme enables students to orient their careers to the public sector, public sector advice, and management-related work in international organizations or think tanks. The MPA program directly contributes to addressing the common challenges of today’s society through research and public administration projects that include practical training. The program also seeks to develop student relationships, supports professional focus in public administration.

The curriculum of this study programme is designed to be flexible and enable students to complete a study plan that reflects their academic interests and their personal and professional growth. In the MPA study, we seek to deepen the knowledge and develop the skills necessary for a career in public administration, public policy, and international politics. We believe that public administration involves the use of capabilities and opportunities to contribute to a broad public benefit. 

MPA graduates will be able to: 

  • Lead and manage public administration
  • Participate in the policy-making process
  • Analyze and critically think and decide
  • Formulate and apply the perspective of public administration; and
  • Communicate with citizens.

The study is intended for students who want to be involved in public administration, public policy, or want to manage or work in government.


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MPA – Master of Public Administration Political Science

Entry requirements:  

  • Completion of either Bachelor´s degree from a university or high school studies (+ at least 3-5 years of working experience) or equivalent to the level of an academic bachelor’s degree.
  • In addition to the general entry requirements, you must meet the specific entry requirements as detailed by each programme. For example, many Master’s degree programmes require that your Bachelor’s degree has a particular major, or you may need to have completed certain subject credits within your Bachelor’s degree.

The study consists of compulsory, mandatory and elective modules.

The length of the study is 9 – 18 months. . For more information about general admission procedure click here.

MPA Programs

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MPA Public Administration

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