LL.D. Doctor of Laws

LL.D. Doctor of Law

What is the LL.D. Doctor of Law intended for?

The LL.D. Doctor of Law study program is an honorary degree awarded to graduates who have demonstrated outstanding achievements and contributions to the legal field, and as a recognition of their significant impact on legal scholarship or practice. The recipients of the LL.D. title are often graduates who have achieved eminence in the legal field, such as distinguished legal scholars, judges, practicing attorneys, or individuals who have made substantial contributions to legal thought and practice.

Unlike a Ph.D. or J.S.D., the LL.D. is not typically obtained by completing a research-based program of study. Instead, it is awarded as an honour for outstanding contributions to the legal community.

Why study LL.D.?:

Our participant’s  have the opportunity to identify their  own specific area of interest within the field of law. 

Engage with the academic community, attend conferences, and build a network of scholars in their field.

By obtaining the title of LL.D., the bearer acquires a high social prestige in addition to his professional status.

Learning outcomes:

As the LL.D. Doctor of Laws is typically an honorary degree awarded in recognition of significant contributions to the legal field, it does not follow a traditional study program with specific learning outcomes. Instead, individuals who receive our LL.D. title have generally demonstrated exceptional achievements and contributions to the legal profession, legal scholarship, public service, or society at large.

Language: Slovak, German, English, Hungarian a.o. Online form
ECTS: 60 After course students can use LL.D. title AFTER name.
Diploma: in English language The course ends with the submission of a thesis and its defense.
Duration: 2 Semester Study through online platform (SEP).
Study fee: 7.000 EUR / Semester The diploma is recognized and students can get Apostille.

Studying with us has the following advantages:

  • high flexibility in the organisation of studies,
  • the possibility of obtaining a qualification in addition to employment or entrepreneurship,
  • no obligation to sit in the school every day or on weekends.
  • adaptation to the language.
The LL.D. is an honorary degree awarded to our graduates who have demonstrated outstanding achievements and contributions to the legal field.

Content Of The Educational Programme ​

      MODULES                                                                        CREDITS

  • Commercial law                                                               5 
  • International law                                                             6
  •  Labour law                                                                      6
  • Tax and financial law                                                      6
  • EU law                                                                               6
  • Public procurement law                                                 6
  • Economic law                                                                   5
  • Corporate governance                                                   5
  • Intellectual property law                                                5
  • Personal data protection law                                        5
  • Negotiations and mediations                                        5

          Total                                                                                 60

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