MBA in Coaching

MBA in Coaching

For whom is the MBA in coaching intended.

The MBA in Coaching responds to market demand and the shortage of professional coaches, mentors, leaders and managers. 

MBA in Coaching is designed to enable you to develop critically reflective coaching, mentoring and leadership skills that can be applied in a variety of settings. You will engage in and evaluate practical coaching and mentoring activities, explore and evaluate the potential impact of coaching and mentoring on individual and organisational performance and engage with the complex moral dimensions in coaching, mentoring and leadership.

Why study with us:

Much of the learning is developed through the establishment of collaborative learning communities of programme participants and tutors – and you will become part of that community of learning. Your understanding is developed around the key skills, processes and practices of coaching, mentoring and leadership. Solutions to real problems are suggested, discussed and analysed within the learning community with the support of tutors and fellow learners.

Learning outcomes:

On completion of the programme, you will be able to critically evaluate a range of theories and models relating to organisations, coaching, mentoring and leadership and apply these to real life situations in order to inform your decision making. The network that you will develop over the duration of the programme often continues to be a supportive and strong community of practice post-graduation.

Language: Slovak, German, English, Hungarian a.o. Online form
ECTS: 60 After course students can use MBA title AFTER name.
Diploma: in English language The course ends with the submission of a thesis and its defense.
Duration: 2 Semester Study through online platform (SEP).
Study fee: on request Adapt the study to your living conditions.

Studying with us has the following advantages:

  • high flexibility in the organization of studies,
  • the possibility of obtaining a qualification in addition to employment or entrepreneurship,
  • no obligation to sit in the school every day or on weekends.
  • adaptation to the language.
The MBA in Coaching responds to market demand and the shortage of professional coaches, mentors, leaders and managers.

Content Of The Educational Programme ​

      MODULES                                                                        CREDITS

  1. Ethics and Standards                                                        5
  2. Establishing the Coaching Agreement                           8
  3. Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client           8
  4. Coaching Presence                                                           4
  5. Active Listening                                                                 3
  6. Powerful Questioning                                                      5
  7. Direct Communication                                                     5
  8. Creating Awareness                                                         5
  9. Designing Actions                                                             3
  10. Planning and Goal Setting                                               5
  11. Managing Progress and Accountability                         4
  12. Principles and practice of coaching and mentoring    5

      Total                                                                                         60

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