MBA Cybersecurity

MBA | Cybersecurity

Who is the MBA Cybersecurity study for?

The MBA Cybersecurity program provides students with a holistic view of cybersecurity and prepares them for leadership positions in the dynamic and ever-changing IT environment.

MBA program Study Content:

Protecting Networks and Data:
An in-depth exploration of modern methods and tools for protecting networks and data.
Analysis of unauthorised access and attacks to ensure data integrity.

Cyber Security Risks:
Identification of risks associated with cybersecurity and their assessment.
Studying network vulnerabilities and the potential consequences of cyber attacks.

Cyber Security Management:
Methods and practices for effectively managing cybersecurity in organizations.
Strategies to minimise damage and recover from cyber incidents.

Cybersecurity Strategies:
Developing and implementing strategies to improve cybersecurity.
Evaluating the effectiveness of existing strategic solutions.
Network Security Improvements:

Innovations and new technologies to enhance network security.
Procedures to detect and respond to cyber threats.

Network Security Training:
Development of specialized skills and knowledge through training.
Hands-on exercises and simulations to gain experience with real cyber situations.

Computational Research Methods:
Application of computational methods to address complex cyber issues.
Cyber security research projects.

Annexes to the application:

  • CV,
  • certified copy of a first degree (or comparable),
Language: Slovak, German, English, Hungarian a.o. Online form
ECTS: 60 Flexible study in term of place and time.
Diploma: in English language After course students can use MBA title after name.
Duration: 2 Semester The course ends with the submission of a thesis.
Beginning of study: Every spring and autumn. Adapt the study to your living conditions.

Benefits of the Programme:

The flexible online format allows students to tailor their studies to their schedule.
Focus on practical applications and experience in dealing with cyber threats.
Training in a field that is critical to today’s digital world.

Graduate Goals:

Acquire expertise in cybersecurity.
Ability to identify and address cyber threats.
Cybersecurity leadership in organizations.
Contributing to the protection of networks and data in the digital environment.

Studying with us has the following advantages:

  • high degree of flexibility in the organisation of studies,
  • the possibility of gaining qualifications alongside employment or business,
  • education for those who are not satisfied with the full-time form of study.
MBA Cybersecurity study program

Content of the training programme

       MODULES                                                   CREDITS

  1. Cyber security risks                                         10
  2. Network vulnerabilities                                  10
  3. Impact of cyber security                                 10
  4. Cyber security management                         10
  5. Cyber security strategies                                  5
  6. Network security improvements                    5
  7. Training in network security                            5
  8. Computing Research Methods                        5

       Total                                                                       60

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