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About us

About us – Mondo International Academy was established in 2015.

Mondo International Academy was established, above all to create an online consulting study that is suited to a wide range of students and it was also in a response to the society’s demands for flexible study, in which each student will have the opportunity to adapt the study plan according to their job responsibilities. The added value of such a form of study is connecting students from different parts of the world.

Mondo International Academy is a modern and innovative international academy.

We offer a wide range of study programs and individual specializations. The teaching is carried out in a creative and innovative form supporting the personal development and entrepreneurial thinking of students. We are open to new opinions, unconventional ideas and innovative thinking of students. We support students to make logical judgments and innovative solutions that develop creativity and inventiveness in various fields. We strive to create an innovative environment and offer a study that will not be based on the usual ways of teaching theory, but we place emphasis on application and understanding in practice. If the student does not come from the Slovak Republic or does not have the opportunity to come to the study centre, the study is also possible only online.

The advantage of studying at Mondo International Academy is that the subjects are taught in Slovak, English or German and the exam dates are adapted individually. We provide qualified advice in choosing a suitable study, which always reflects the requirements of students, their previous study results and practical experience.

Obtaining a qualification at Mondo International Academy can serve for professional development for those who are employed or for students who prefer other than the full-time form of study.

The flexible way of study allows students and lecturers to jointly choose appropriate teaching methods to suit the study and composition of the subjects. Mondo International Academy is constantly developing its path and adapting its technical and material requirements to the latest trends.

Changes that move us forward

Since January 2021, Mondo International Academy has been the holder of its own accreditations ATHE – World Training and Higher Education and WCI – World Certification Institute; we have become a member of the accreditation council ACBSP – Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, Recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and we undergo the accreditation process at the highest international level based on Baldridge. Education Criteria for Performance Excellence.