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About us: Mondo International Academy

The fundamental mission of Mondo International Academy is to develop and disseminate education and to open new horizons in science and education through innovative scientific research.

Mondo International Academy:

  • It is dedicated to education in a private higher education environment; implements its education independently, chooses goals and orientation in teaching, while on its own, it implements education in several scientific and study fields and programs;
  • It bases its teaching on a modern and innovative methodology, drawing on the world’s best sources of scientific knowledge and on an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving. He not only communicates scientific knowledge to his students but also disseminates it outside the academy;
  • It voluntarily defines its goals and priorities, and the members of its academic community enjoy, without restriction, academic freedoms and rights in the exercise of their profession;
  • Has the ambition to become a leading European private academy and to sustainably maintain and develop its identity as an international educational and scientific institution;
  • To create excellent conditions for education in a wide range of study programs at all levels of study;
  • Prepare its graduates to represent not only the highest degree of personal and professional quality but also humanity and humanism;
  • To improve the scientific and cultural prospects of society and its economic prosperity.


We create linguistic variability in studies due to removing communication, interpersonal and administrative barriers. The advantage of study programs is that programs that are not taught in the student’s mother tongue but, for example, in Hungarian, German, or English can be completed in Slovak and vice versa.

The added value of Mondo International Academy is not only the flexible way of studying and its language variability but also the saving of funds that the student would typically have to spend on his studies (travel, translations, etc.).

Our students have the opportunity to specialize more closely, to combine individual fields, and thus choose the path they want to take in their careers.

The Academy aims to be an institution whose name will be perceived as a guarantee of the quality of education and whose graduates will be considered able to solve problems effectively, flexibly, and creatively in a challenging and constantly changing environment.

To build the position of a prestigious private academy with national and international significance.

Language: Slovak, German, English, Hungarian a.o. Online form
ECTS: 60 each program. Flexible study in term of place and time.
Diploma: in English language Professional degrees offered: MBA, LLM, MPH.
Duration: 2 Semester (Possibility of extension for 3 Semesters) Study through online platform (SEP).
Beginning of study: Every October or March WCI Accredited study.

Activities to fulfill our goals:

  • Motivate as many high school graduates as possible to apply for studies at MIA.
  • Carry out education at all levels of academic education.
  • To pay attention to the permanent implementation of the latest scientific, methodological, and methodological knowledge into the pedagogical process and to the close connection of scientific and pedagogical activities of teaching workplaces.
  • Further, expand the possibilities for MIA students to complete part of the study program at other universities abroad within the agenda of various exchange programs.
  • In line with current educational trends in education, it leads and, according to the needs of society, innovates existing and introduces new study programs, including using faculty synergies to develop joint Master (MBA, LLM, MPA) programs of several faculties. Align study programs with expected developments in practice so that those academy graduates are prepared to reflect impulses from the environment of their activities and promote their profession’s professional and ethical nature.
  • The aim is to teach subjects and study programs in several languages, equivalent in content to the subjects and programs taught in Slovak.
  • Attracting international students to study at the academy.
  • Make effective use of joint and double-degree institutes with leading colleges and universities abroad.
  • Create more space for quality, optional, and compulsory elective courses.
  • To create a concept of the student’s study load, which would replace the hitherto used system of the number of hours of direct teaching.
  • Support programs for social inclusion and cohesion (programs for disadvantaged groups–visually impaired residents, complete barrier-free solutions, ensure socially equitable access to education at university and for students from economically weaker backgrounds, etc. (social support program).
  • To support and expand the area of further and lifelong education of citizens at the academy.
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