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ADIT Diploma Exam Center

The Mondo International Academy has become a students validation centre for CIOT – Chartered Institute of Taxation. Students who have graduated from the CIOT program ADIT International TAX become international tax consultants.

In an increasingly interconnected world, tax professionals have to constantly learn to use the challenges and opportunities offered by today’s world of business.

Benefits of gaining ADIT qualifications are: 

  • Linking with the growing global network of students, graduates and international tax advisors, ADIT;
  • Connect with more than 1,300 Affiliate affiliates in more than 110 countries – across continents, major market centres, and every business sector;
  • Being authorized to enter the letters “ADIT” after the name;
  • Oppor
  • A global quality standard and an independent way of demonstrating international tax skills and capabilities.
  • Usability – anywhere in the world where you start your career.
  • Demonstrating your expertise in several countries and international tax entities.

Additional benefits:

  • opportunity to create an international tax office – Chartered Institute of Taxation.
  • There are a number of opportunities available at the international level: distance learning, self-study, and classroom courses.

Tests are available twice a year, in over 40 countries worldwide. The ADIT curriculum includes a wide range of international tax subjects, including leading international tax jurisdictions and key thematic topics.

We regularly add all current information about life at the Academy to our Facebook page.

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