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BA, BBA, BSc Studies – Bachelor´s degree

BA, BBA, BSc Studies – Bachelor´s degree is the first professional qualification – also called a college degree. The bachelor study program comprises a standard length of the study of 6 to 8 semesters. Depending on the program, Bachelor, Bachelor of Arts (BBA) BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration or BSc – Bachelor of Science will be awarded. Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree are qualified to continue their studies with a Master´s degree or MBA – Master of Business Administration.

Our bachelor study programs are designed to cover topics of the international and domestic market, as many graduates would like to apply their knowledge and acquired competencies in the domestic market.

Upon successful completion of the bachelor’s degree, students will receive an International Graduate Diploma titled BA – Bachelor, BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration from our guarantor Madison International Institute of Business School and URH-ISAG University.


  • the possibility of a parallel study together with another study program,
  • specialization in a certain field of law,
  • the possibility of shortening the study,
  • choice of the form of study.

Forms of the study:

  • Full-time form
  • Online form
  • Consultation for
  • Individual form
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Form of Bachelor´s study:

Combined form (Blended learning)

The combined form (Blended learning) is a combination of online study with passing exams and defending project work directly at the academy, or in one of the partner ICC – Information Consultation Centres of the academy. The combined form of study offers flexible learning opportunities that allow you to combine study with work or entrepreneurship. During the study, the student is in direct contact with the teacher via e-mail or via the SEP Online Platform. The online form of study has the character of modern education without regular weekend lectures.

Entry requirements:          

Completion of either full secondary education or full secondary vocational education with a Secondary School Certificate.

Selection of modules and specialization

The student has several options when choosing modules. The first advantage for the student is the specialization of the program. There are basic (compulsory) modules in every study program. The student determines the specialization by replacing three modules from another study program, e.g., an MBA.
The second option is to change three subjects from the elective subjects, and the third option is to keep the study program unchanged and, thus, only complete the compulsory subjects.

The Study length: 3,5 to 4 years

The study ends with working out the final thesis, with a positive rating from the supervisor and the opponent.

For more information about the general admission procedure click here.

BA, BBA, BSc Studies

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