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BSc Tourism and Hospitality Management

BSc Tourism and Hospitality Management Study Program provides a postgraduate academic path for all who wish to study at a bachelor’s level or to deepen their qualifications.

This course aims to equip you with all the specialist skills and knowledge you will need within the world of the hospitality industry. You will gain an in-depth understanding of economics, applied economics, management sciences, and other professional methods and skills related to the organisation and management of hospitality services. 

This is a BSc programme where students are required to demonstrate interpersonal, self study and research and presentation skills throughout the qualification.

Assessments are developed to encourage skills that will provide students with a very strong foundation for further advancement in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Admission Requirements

Completed secondary education with baccalaureate. Without graduation, it is possible to accept a student who has completed AD. – Associate’s Degree.

BSc graduates in tourism and hospitality have the opportunity to continue their studies at MBA degree in tourism and hospitality

Students must achieve all four units, which have open character.

Assessment: 8 written seminar works

Credit Value: 120 ECTS

BSc Tourism and Hospitality Management Mondo International Academy

BSc. program Units:

  1. The Strategic Impact of the Business Environment
  2. Business Strategy for Hospitality and Tourism
  3. Managing Events for Hospitality and Tourism
  4. Quality Management for Hospitality and Tourism

The Strategic Impact of the Business Environment:

The macro environment, globalisation, the economy, responding to change, and competitive advantage.

Business Strategy for Hospitality & Tourism:

Business analysis, planning models, growth strategies, vision, mission, culture and strategy implementation.

Managing Events for Hospitality & Tourism:

Types of event, issues, pre/real-time/post event management.

Quality Management for Hospitality & Tourism:

Importance, quality improvement measures, customer research & feedback.

Online study:

The study is conducted in purely electronic form. Personal consultation is not necessary. During their studies, students receive assignments for examinations, which they then elaborate and send for evaluation. We call it „OPEN BOOK EXAM“, where students have the opportunity to use all available literature as well as the Internet for elaboration. Studying is an ideal investment to achieve the goals that students have defined in their lives, careers or want to enhance their knowledge and skills.