Mondo International Academy

BACCALAUREATE – High School Diploma

BACCALAUREATE – High School Diploma at the Mondo International Academy, is in co-operation with the American partner Madison International Institute & Business School, provides the opportunity to graduate from secondary school. The study is intended for those who have not been able to complete for some reason their studies in the past.

The education program is taught on the basis of the American system, and the subjects are supplemented or replaced by the subjects required in Slovakia.

Graduates will receive a „High School Diploma“ and a certificate of a graduate exam.

The training program is taught in consultation form of and online. The final exam is written in any world language.

Final Exams:

The graduation examinations take place over several days at one of the specific regional centers. Graduation is a secondary education that develops basic knowledge and skills acquired through previous education. Graduation is also a preparation for higher education or working life. After graduation, the student has the opportunity to continue BA BACHELOR (bachelor) study under the leadership of the Mondo International Academy, or at a university of their choice.

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BACCALAUREATE – High School Diploma

Compulsory subjects:


  1. American history
  2. US government and economy
  3. Human relationships
  4. World history and geography
  5. Law
  6. Philosophy
  7. Algebra
  8. Algebra 2 / Trigonometry
  9. Geometry
  10. Creative writing
  11. Technique and developing ideas
  12. Visual language and project development
  13. Culture and context
  14. Science and application in society
  15. Pragmatics of linguistic communication
  16. Business Administration
  17. Business accounting
  18. Marketing and communication
  19. Computer science and technology

Level K12 (US standard) = ISCED 3 (EU standard)