Mondo International Academy


Mondo International Academy (MIA) & Madison International Institute & Business School  (MIIBS)

Madison International Institute & Business School (British & US Overseas Higher Education Institution), as the main cooperation partner of Mondo International Academy, and guarantor of the obtained level of education created an open student platform.

MIIBS specializes in education in a mixed mode of education, namely: full-time, online, consulting and individual forms with passing a test in exam center (European Examination Center Slovakia). The Madison International Institute & Business School was established in April 2012. Its current Operating Rules or Operating Agreement are valid from April 16, 2014.

Accreditation’s, memberships, certifications, networks & partnerships: 

MIIBS is Registered under the UK Register of Learning Providers, Accredited under 2 ministries, and Authorized under 3 governments (States): England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Accreditation institutes of our partner are:

  • Department for Innovation, Universities, and Skills (DIUS), which is a part of the Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills
  • Department for Employment & Learning (DELNI)
  • QAHE Accreditation – NEW


  • Membership: AHEA/AAHEA – American Association of Higher Education
  • Member of Institute International Education IIE – Scholarships
  • Associate Member of the US Department of State, Delaware Secretary of State
  • Higher Education Member ‘Educational Collaborative for International Schools. ECIS
  • Associate Member of the Association of American Schools in South America – AASSA (including Central America and the Caribbean States) – Member of the US Department of Overseas Schools Advisory Council.

The MIIBS Group has been fully integrated since 2015 as a member of the OSAC Government Inter-Agency with the United States Department of State. More precisely, the institute became a member in May 2017 as a member of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), headquartered in Chicago (IL, USA), which is also listed in the CHEA.

Learning procedures exist for most of the European States members of the Apostille Convention and ENIC-NARIC as well as Canada and Haiti. Bilateral recognition of diplomas and academic education guarantees bilateral agreements between institutions and more generally within the international networks to which the MIIBS organization is a member (see below). 

The MIIBS is also a member of the International French Network of Educational Instrument Training Facilities (RIFEFF), the institutional network of the French University Agency (AUF). And in 2017, a contact point was established with the Center for the Francophone of America (Center de la Francophonie des Amériques).In addition, at an international level, MIIBS became a certified member of the International Association for Distance Learning, associating with the accreditation of the World Certification Institute (WCI), which is its partner.

The Institute is subject to the general system for the approval of US institutions established outside the federal territory. The Statute of the American Overseas Higher Education Institution was entered by the Management Board of the holding in Articles Nos. 2, 3 and 4 of the Operating Agreement of Spring 2014, and officially confirmed by the State of Delaware, later also by the US Department of State. A copy of these papers is legally deposited with the Overseas School Office – the US Department of State and the US Embassy in London. This status has opened up the possibility of becoming a higher education institution to members of some of the 9 reference entities related to US foreign facilities listed on the US Department of State.

Advantages of the study: 

  • Selection of the best students, including the numerus clausus principle (limitation) to 200 students per year.
  • Graduating within American education guarantees academic and professional growth in a globalized world.
  • Obtaining a professional qualification at the Institute of Management Specialists (UK) or the World Certification Institute (USA).
  • Obtaining a Diploma and an Additional Certificate from one of the United Nations agencies.
  • Possibility to become a member of the New York Academy of Sciences or TELEDETECTION-AUF Network.
  • Possibility to obtain the International Student Identity Card (UNESCO).
  • Support for publishing student articles.
  • Our partner Madison International Institute & Business School (MIIBS) is a higher education institution owned by the American holding Madison International Institute & High School LLC (registration number 551 77 86, Delaware, USA).MIIBS is certified as an American foreign higher education institution.


  • Secretary-General: PROVOST Patricia
  • Senior Associates and Outsiders:
  • Dr. Truschel, PhD.,
  • Dr. GOMBANIRO TEMBEYA (Sustainable Development),
  • Amb. S.E. Dr. HAMARD (Law, Political Sciences),
  • Dr. BEYALA ENGOULOU (programs: secondary school diplomas, AD & BBA),
  • Dr. BIZIMANA Leonard,
  • Pr FRANCINOR Dorcelus and VIRGINIE MADER for Rezof21 LaRevue.


  • Madison International Institute & Business School: Wakefield College, Wakefield City Campus, Margaret Street, Wakefield England -WF1 2DH UK
  • MIIBS Exam Center for CAMES & AUF ACGL: Yaoundé, Douala CM-Cameroon – contact: Dr. Beyala Engoulou
  • MIIBS Exam Center for EUROPE: Mondo International Academy, Bratislava, SK-Slovakia – contact: Dr. Truschel, Ph.D.
  • MIIBS & British Council Exam Center Kigali Rwanda – contact: Bryan Joung Country Director BC Kigali
  • Madison International Institute & Business School: 8 The Green Suite 5771, Dover DE-19901, USA – Contact: Mr. PROVOST, Secretary-General

Apostille and Legislation:

The Apostille verifies documents issued in conformity with the law. Documents thus certified can be submitted to the Foreign Office of the Signatory States of the Hague Convention on the Apostille of 5 October 1961. Apostille is responsible for approval/certification in signatory countries (80 countries). 

MIIBS is part of the English higher education system and in Europe through the Erasmus + Europass European Commission and the Council of Europe and recognized by UNESCO. MIIBS grades are also listed in the ENIC-NARIC database.


  • Cameroon: Institute of Salomon (Douala), American Language Center (Douala), ALPHA Institute (Douala)
  • British Council Kigali – Rwanda
  • China: Alfred Nobel Open Business School HK, Nobel Science Review
  • Côte d’Ivoire: HECi New World academy (Abidjan)
  • Gabon: HECi Business School (Libreville)
  • Haiti: URH-ISAG Renaissance Haiti University, Université Libre Haiti (ULH), Université Vision Internationale Education (UNIVIE), Université la Pléiade d’Haiti (UPLEH)
  • Hungary: John Henry Newman Oktatasi Kozpont
  • Morocco: Ecole Supérieure de Management (Casablanca), HECi Business School Group Morocco• Mauritania: ICADES Institute
  • Democratic Republic of Congo: Université Touristique des Grands Lacs in Bukavu
  • United Kingdom: London School of Marketing, University of Northampton, Anglia Ruskin University
  • Senegal: Université Internationale de Dakar• Slovakia: Mondo International Academy
  • USA: Rezo F21