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DBA Doctorate

DBA Doctorate Doctor of Business Administration represents a high scientific achievement and also a personal milestone and an intelligent, sustainable investment for the future. DBA enhances students‘ academic opportunities and prepares their business career in an internationally flexible environment.  Our DBA students are conducting managerial research with a practical research question (it can be a specific problem from their work environment) and at the same time, they bring benefits to their companies. Research is based on evidence not on hypotheses, as we can find in the Ph.D. study. This type of study is suitable for those who want to change the way their professional experience and specialization is developing. 

Benefits of the DBA study:

One of the biggest benefits of DBA is the ability to access data in companies. These data are often protected and sometimes cannot be used without the prior consent of the company. DBA students, on the contrary, often need to build their database from scratch, for example through online surveys or gathering, coding, and processing publicly available data. The research project provides the opportunity to critically evaluate the knowledge, the practical example that students have gained so far in business or in employment. 

Motivation Factor of the DBA Study:

DBA students are less focused on expanding existing theories. Instead, it is a great benefit for them to combine research with specific business issues. Their starting point may be, for example, a business issue by companies, and the DBA’s dissertation can create a model that explains and solves it.

Selection of programs

  • Automotive Management
  • Different areas of Management
DBA Doctor of Business Administration

Conditions of the study:


  • Publication of an article in a scientific journal (6 articles)
  • Dissertation thesis in the range of 200 to 250 pages
  • Developing 4 specialized tasks
  • Performance at a scientific event abroad published in the textbook
  • Authorship / co-authorship of teaching texts



  • A member of the examination commission in one of the ICC
  • Evaluation of assignments, diploma theses, bachelor’s theses
  • Tutor activity for Bachelor or Master students
  • Publication of a monograph in the range of min. 100 pages
  • Publication of professional literature in the range of min. 100 pages
  • Teaching activity

Mondo International Academy can provide publication of articles in scientific journals and online publications for DBA students.

Entry requirements: 

  • Completion of a Master´s degree.

The length of the study is 27 months – 45 months.

For more information about the general admission procedure click here.

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