Mondo International Academy

Exam center for the European region

Exam center for the European region (area).

The Member States of the European Union require for foreign institutions of distance or correspondence education, such as our Institution, the establishment of a local examination center.

Due to a strong partnership with the management of the Madison International Institute & Business School (MIIBS) (an institutional member of the EU Transparency Register) has set up its „EUROPE“ accredited exam center in the city of Bratislava.

Europe exam center was established to ensure exams and supervise their execution.

The great advantage of this „Europe“ exam center is that graduates can apply for equivalence with our accredited Slovak partner: the University of Economics. Slovak homologations are in the inter-governmental ENIC-NARIC register valid for all countries of the Member States of the European Union.

The supervision of the exam sessions takes place in English, French, and Slovak.


Who is concerned?
Students from the following countries:

la France

How does it work?
Students concerned normally follow the online or consultative form of the study. Unlike other students at the institute who send their works by e-mail, they must attend the Examination Collation Center once they have finished their schooling to put under strict supervision their work of continuous control in paper format. Students will have to sign an attendance sheet and thus bring a valid piece of ID.

The diploma will be available only for those students who will arrive in person at the exam center.

Europe Exam Centrum Mondo International Academy & MIIBS

Which programs are concerned?

All programs are concerned.
For doctorates, supervision of thesis dissertations is provided through the online system but the evaluation of the thesis (30% of the overall grade of the doctoral degree) takes place personally before the commission formed for this occasion during the annual session review.


How are the exams conducted?

Each student  is given the wording of his work:

– for the masters: a composition test written on a specific theme different for each specialization – duration 1h30.
– for PhDs: two tests of precise written composition, ie 3 hours of homework
– for the masters: oral evaluation of the master thesis by the two members of the commission – duration 30 minutes
– for doctorates: oral assessment of the thesis by the 4 members of the jury – duration 1h30.

The research evaluations lead to the writing for each student of a TREAF (Thesis/Research Essay Assessment Form).

The cost of this exam session?

The collation of examinations is MANDATORY and imposed by the authorities of the States concerned. Our institute is responsible for the organizational costs, but the students must pay for travel expenses and possibly accommodation in Bratislava and an individual administrative cost of 35 Euro.

Who is the MIIBS manager of this exam process?

MONDO INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY ensures the organization and the smooth running of the examinations and supervises the delivery of the various works.