Mondo International Academy

International Relations

International Relations destroy borders! The borderless future of the knowledge-based society is growing, together with increasing cooperation between countries and regions, as a result of which the concept of education and science without borders is changing from vision to reality. For these reasons, Mondo International Academy is involved in the project of developing a knowledge-based Europe in the form of cooperation and convergence of institutions and their students.


Within the framework of international relations, Mondo International Academy as an exclusive partner of  MIIBS provides Ph.D.DBA, MA,BBABA, BSc, MBAMScMPH LL.M., studies and ensures qualified advisory for selection of appropriate study reflecting the students´ requirements, their previous achieved study results, and practical experience.

Mondo International Academy is an advisor for students, as well as their coordinator and, moreover, helps to avoid technical or administrative barriers, as well as barriers in communication. The advantage of this connection is that programs that are not taught in students´ mother tongue, but in Hungarian, German or English languages can be studied in Slovak language or the other way around. Thanks to our partnerships we are able to create language variability of study.

For the quality study, you need quality programs and quality partners.

Within the field of international relations, we created two possibilities for cooperation, which fulfill the offer of post-gradual programs and programs of further education. Our decision for this way is conditioned by the fact, that there is sufficient representation of universities offering traditional degrees in the Slovak Republic and that is why we wanted our students to have the opportunity to further develop their knowledge and skills gained in university studies, to grow professionally, to specialize in the field they choose in their career path and to give them the opportunity to continue studying at international institutions. The greatest added value of the study is diversity, flexibility, and variability of programs.  Our students have the possibility of narrower specialization, combining the different disciplines with each other and thus choosing the way they want to take their career.

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Our cooperating partners permanently innovate processes, content part and number of offered programs. They simplify the time difficulty of study while taking care of the quality of outcomes. They do not overload students with useless information and, if the students had completed the same subjects as they are offered – then these are recognized based on our recommendations.

Our partners include MIIBS – Madison International Institute of Business School 

Our partnerships create for students new possibilities and chances for achieving a prestigious education at International level.

MIIBS Programmes are taught in Slovak, English, German or Hungarian languages. Partner institutions provide an online form of education.


Eliminates negative aspects of the standard form of study. Students are not fixed by time, place, the chronology of subjects, learning a language and other duties related to such form of study.

The program portfolio contains Economy, Social Work, Civil Engineering, Management, and other thematically individual programs.

Education is also intended for those who are looking for or are employees in International corporations and companies, or in state administration. Today, managing and specialized knowledge at an international level are highly awarded and required.

Within the Ph.D. study program, there is an option to combine different disciplines, which creates a unique opportunity for specification in a given area and the ability to gain knowledge in specific areas.

By completing the studying programs, students will achieve outcomes with added value; they will gain neither certificate, nor statement, but diploma.