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Mondo International Academy

LLB – Bachelor of Law

LL.B. The Bachelor of Law is a study programme intended for students who are interested in acquiring knowledge in the field of law. The programme contains subjects from international as well as Slovak law. Based on the interview and the selection of the required focus of study, the schedule and focus of study will be prepared for students.

Students will gain an extensive base of knowledge and understanding in the field of criminal, civil, Roman, constitutional law and others. Due to the fact that the guarantor is the holder of American as well as British accreditation, the subjects concern the legal system of both continents, while the British part is contained in European law. There is the possibility of a wide selection of subjects related to Slovak law for students who want to focus on national legislation.

The next level of study is the LL.M programme – Master of Law.

For more information about the general admission procedure click here.

Form of study:

If the student does not come from the Slovak Republic or does not have the opportunity to come to the study centre, the study is also possible only online.

The distance form of study involves personal participation in the educational process directly at the academy. The number of days depends on the subject of the study programme (please ask for more information directly at the academy).

  1. blended learning
  2. distance form of study

Blended learning is a combination of online study with taking exams and defending project work directly at the academy. Blended learning offers flexible learning opportunities that allow you to combine study with your work or business. During the study, the student is in direct contact with the lector via e-mail or the SEP Online Platform. The online form of study has the character of modern education without regular weekend lectures.

First year core units

  1. History of Law I.
  2. EU Law I.
  3. Roman Law I.
  4. Theory of Law I.
  5. Human Rights I.
  6. International Law I.
  7. International Business Law I.
  8. Latin.
  9. Foreign Language 1 option (Latin, English, German, Spanish, France, Russia).

First year optional units

  1. History of US Constitution I.
  2. Corruption
  3. Penology
  4. Criminology I.
  5. Legal Informatics
  6. Politics
  7. Ecclesiastical and canon law

Second year core units

  1. History of Law II.
  2. EU Law II.
  3. Roman Law II.
  4. Legal English I.
  5. Theory of Law II.
  6. Legal English II.
  7. International Law II.
  8. International Business Law II.
  9. Foreign Language 1 option (Latin, English, German, Spanish, France, Russia)

Second year optional units

  1. Criminology
  2. History of US Constitutional Law II.
  3. Healthcare and Law
  4. Legal Politology
  5. European intellectual property law
  6. Philosophy of law

Third year core units

  1. Human Rights II
  2. EU Law III.
  3. Legal English III.
  4. EU Treaties and legislation.
  5. Legal English IV.
  6. International Criminal Justice (International Arbitration)
  7. Foreign Language 1 option (Latin, English, German, Spanish, France, Russia)
  8. Research Methods.

Third year optional units

  1. Legal Comparison
  2. Diplomatic protocol
  3. Information Systems for Layers
  4. Banking law
  5. Psychology for Lawyers
  6. Psychology of the offender

The total time leading to qualifications includes:

  1. getting ready for the lesson,
  2. independent research/education without supervision,
  3. working on assignments,
  4. unattended e-learning,
  5. watching pre-recorded podcasts or webinars,
  6. any other form of learning, education or training that is not under the direct supervision of the tutor/teacher, lecturer, supervisor, trainer,
  7. consultations,
  8. exams,
  9. presentations,
  10. defences