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MA – Master studies

MA – Master studies

The MA study (in Slovakia known under the acronym Mgr.) is an internationally recognized degree intended for participants who are interested in improving their career status and associated financial rewards, continuing their doctoral studies and thus becoming competitive at both domestic and international market.

MA (Master’s degree) study programme provides you with an excellent basis for further study or research activities at the doctoral level, as well as an internationally recognized qualification. Many areas of business will welcome your valuable transferable skills, such as critical thinking, research skills, effective time management, and problem-solving.

The advantage of the study is the specialization of the MA Strategic Management study programme. There are basic (compulsory) subjects in every study programme. The student determines the specialization by replacing three subjects from the list of specializations, such as Finance, International Management, Marketing and People Management.

Key benefits of studying at Mondo International Academy:

  1. qualifications obtained at Mondo International Academy can be used for professional development for those who are employed or for students who prefer other than a full-time form of study,
  2. a flexible way of studying allows students and lecturers to jointly choose appropriate teaching and assessment methods to suit the study and content of the subjects.

What you get:

  1. understanding corporate governance,
  2. managerial knowledge.
  3. knowledge and skills for project management.
  4. marketing knowledge,
  5. qualification in the field of human resources management.

The length of the study is 18 to 24 months.

Form of study:

  1. blended learning
  2. external form of study

If the student does not come from the Slovak Republic or does not have the opportunity to come to the study centre, the study is also possible only online.

Blended learning is a combination of online study with taking exams and defending project work directly at the academy. The blended learning offers flexible learning opportunities that allow you to combine study with your work or business. During the study, the student is in direct contact with the lector via e-mail or the SEP Online Platform. The online form of study has the character of modern education without regular weekend lectures.

The external form of study involves personal participation in the educational process directly at the academy. The number of days depends on the subject of the study programme (please ask for more information directly at the academy).


The exams take the form of an „Open Book Exam“.

Open Book Exam is a modern form of examination where students have the opportunity to use textbooks as well as the Internet. Each exam lasts 4 to 6 hours.

Documents required for the admission procedure:

    1. Curriculum vitae, ID card (copy)
    2. Diploma of the last completed study (copy)
    3. Photo 3 x 3.5 cm

For more information about the general admission procedure please visit (click).

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