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MA Fashion Design

This study programme is focused on fashion and design of clothing industry.

Whole study programme is run by professionals in the fashion and design environment, with general management modules which are taught online.

The fashion industry can play an important role in achieving sustainable development. Not only it does create jobs that contributes the economy, but it also has a huge impact on society and the country’s economy.

These are the basic prerequisites our students receive during their studies. The main modules are focused on the future of fashion industry development, the use of new technology and introduction of innovation in this industry. The student will learn the basics of enterprise economics and business leadership and gain marketing skills.

As a specific topic, the program is taught in an individual form, which in practice means that a mentor from the fashion and creative industries supervise students all the time.

Students will learn the practices and forms of sales and they will be able to test them directly in practice and gain knowledge of the industry on the example of a particular company established on the fashion market.

Advantages of the study:

  • the possibility of parallel study together with another study programme,
  • specialization in a certain field of law,
  • the possibility of shortening the study,
  • choice of form of study.

MA Master degree offers high-potential graduates an exceptional learning opportunity


Forms of the study:

  • Full-time form
  • Online form
  • Consultation for
  • Individual form

Study process: In each study programme there are 3 core (compulsory) modules. The student chooses 6 mandatory modules, with the option to specialize in his study focus by replacing three of them with 3 mandatory modules from another study programme.

The study is not based on the semester system.

The study ends with working out the final thesis, with a positive rating from the supervisor and the opponent.

Entry requirements:  

Completion of Bachelor´s degree.

In addition to the general entry requirements, you must meet the specific entry requirements as detailed by each programme. For example, many Master’s degree programmes require that your Bachelor’s degree has a particular major, or you may need to have completed certain subject credits within your Bachelor’s degree.

The length of the study is 18 months.

For more information about general admission procedure click here.

MA Fashion Design subjects

First Year 

Compulsory modules:

  1. Macroekonomika
  2. Microeconomics
  3. Design and Fashion Management

Mandatory modules (4 to chose):

  1. Luxury Brand Business
  2. Techniques and practices of selling fashion goods
  3. Visual Marchandising
  4. Design thinking
  5. Branding
  6. Creative of the future
  7. Managing fashion projects

Second Year 

Compulsory modules:

  1. Macroekonomika
  2. Microeconomics
  3. Design and Fashion Management

Mandatory modules (4 to chose):

  1. Marketing management
  2. Human resources management
  3. Business Economics
  4. Innovation management
  5. Business management
  6. Trends and ratings of the fashion industry

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