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MA. International Trade

MA. International trade is gaining in importance today more than ever before. Companies around the world are interconnecting, creating new trade groupings or concluding international agreements or new partnerships.

Students will gain knowledge of the trends in the development of international trade and its importance for trade agreements. International trade also usually comes with risk factors, such as exchange rates, government policies, the economy, the laws of another country, the judiciary and financial markets that affect trade between countries. All these risks need to be identified and carefully considered in advance. Some risks cannot be predicted in advance, such as currency risk. The natural effort of entrepreneurs is to eliminate business risks as much as possible.

The study of international trade offers students a wide range of innovative solutions designed to gain knowledge and skills to identify risk, support the growth of international trade, orientation in customs, logistics, international trade agreements and more.

Students have the opportunity to use the practical experience of our experts in international trade during consultations.

Students will gain an overview of:

  • international trade strategy,
  • international trade processes,
  • international trade policies in the EU and in other countries of the world,
  • tools to improve the quality of services provided within the trade organization (TPS, Six Sigma and others), but also
  • organization of work in the form of project management, in the form of: PRINCE 2.
  • strategic management and human resources development.
  • In addition to acquiring information and knowledge, they build the skills needed for us to apply in leading positions in logistics, transport, customs or the public sector.
Language: Slovak, German, English, Hungarian a.o. Online or Distance form
Online form: Innovative study platform. Flexible study in term of place and time.
Diploma: in English and French language Online test and exams can be taken from anywhere.
Duration: 2 to 3 years. Study through online platform (SEP).
Beginning of study: Every first day of the month, the application can be submitted at any time. Adapt the study to your living conditions.

The content emphasizes:

  • transport, logistics and customs,
  • supply chain management,
  • innovation,
  • new trends in international trade.

Studying with us has the following advantages:

  • high flexibility in the organization of studies,
  • the possibility to obtain a qualification in addition to employment or entrepreneurship,
  • For those who do not like the full-time form of study,
  • possibility to choose the form of study (distance / online)

First year subjects (mandatory)

  • International Trade
  • International Finance – International Payment System
  • Microeconomics – Macroeconomics
  • International economic relations
  • European Union foreign trade policy
  • Project management
  • Strategy in international trade
  • Risk management in MO
  • Management of continuous development of the organization
  • Diploma seminar

Optional subjects (selection at least 2 subjects)

  • Human resource Management
  • Strategic resource management
  • Leading equality and diversity in society
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Strategic marketing
  • International marketing
  • Business communication strategies

Second year subjects (mandatory)

  • International Trade II.,
  • Financial operations in international trade,
  • International logistics,
  • Business operations,
  • Microeconomics – Macroeconomics II.,
  • Liability for damages in International Business Law,
  • Economic and trade policy of developing countries.

Diploma Thesis (4th semester, possibility of extension to 6 semesters)

The diploma thesis is an academic work, empirical or conceptual, which demonstrates the ability of students to independently handle the topic using the methods of academic research. Students are responsible for choosing a topic in agreement with the program leader and the thesis supervisor. Finally, the student submits and defends the work before the committee.

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