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MBA Study programs  

MBA Study programs – Master of Business Administration is a management study program designed not only for junior and senior managers, business owners, and executives but also for all other for anyone interested in the practical application of their knowledge and skills.

The study programs were originally developed for technical engineers and engineers who were in management positions and needed to run the company and employees. Industrial development in the US has resulted in increasing demands on employees in management positions, which has diversified the content pages of study programs with various focus.

MBA study draws from the Anglo-American Learning System, which means a combination of a practical education system with an online learning system of Anglo-Saxon pedagogy. The Anglo-Saxon system of education has traditionally been more focused on the development of the student’s skills and practical demonstration. Students are thus better acquainted with the various study, communication and practical skills they can use to build their personal and professional career.

Advantages of the study:

  • the possibility of a parallel study together with another study program,
  • specialization in a certain field of law,
  • the possibility of shortening the study,
  • choice of the form of study.

Entry requirements: 

  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree or a comparable study.
  • In addition to the general entry requirements, you must meet the specific entry requirements detailed in each program. For example, in many Master’s degree programs, it is required that your bachelor’s degree has a particular major, or you may need to have completed certain subjects and gained credits within your Bachelor´s degree.
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MBA is a managerial educational program designed for middle and top managers.

Benefits of the study:

Every study program has information about the core modules and options by which you can create a study pathway that suits your own interests and longer-term career aspirations.

Form of study:

All study programs offer flexible learning options that allow you to combine study with work or business. Currently we offer online consultancy and external form of study. During the study, the student is in direct contact with the teacher by e-mail. Online form of study has the character of modern education without regular weekend lectures. The number of face-to-face meetings (consultations) varies and adapts to the needs of each subject. The requirements for online study are the same as for full-time or part-time study. Students who choose to study online will submit written tests electronically.

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Study process:

In each year of the study program, there are core (compulsory) modules. The student has the option to specialize in his study by replacing three of them with 3 modules from another study program. For example from LL.M program.

The study is not based on the semester system.

The Study length: 2 years

The study ends with working out the final thesis, with a positive rating from the supervisor and the opponent.

MBA Programs

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