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MPH – Master of Public Health

MPH – Master of Public Health – Healthcare Management provides studies focused on leadership, management and organizational behaviour in healthcare.

MPH – Master of Public Health – Healthcare Management programme at LEVEL 7 EQF, with a total of 120 ECTS, provides higher education at the second level.

in the field of study of Healthcare Management. The Healthcare Management programme will ensure that students acquire skills and knowledge at both the domestic and international levels. The acquired knowledge will enable students to develop key skills needed in leadership positions in healthcare or the public sector. Each student will be able to integrate theory into practice thanks to the case study, online or live lectures, written assignments and presentations,

The MPH Healthcare Management study programme is intended for students of the Faculty of Medicine, managers of medical facilities, doctors, social workers, health professionals, managers in the public sector and managers in medical facilities.

By completing the MPH study programme, graduates will gain:

  1. knowledge of healthcare management,
  2. knowledge of public sector financing,
  3. skills and knowledge to develop the vision and direction of the organisation or division within the organisation,
  4. the knowledge and skills needed to create a culture of continuous development and to plan change for improvement within the organisation,
  5. knowledge of the roles and strategies used in the acquisition, management and development of human, business and technological resources,
  6. knowledge to develop an effective corporate communication strategy.

Our graduates who have completed the Health Management study programme have held management and leadership positions in healthcare organizations and healthcare facilities in the public or private sector, in health insurance departments and supply sector organizations and also the job positions as consultants.

Students have the opportunity to complete the study programme „Healthcare Management“ EQF LEVEL 6″ (Bachelor’s degree), which precedes Healthcare Management LEVEL 7 EQF (Master’s degree).

 Advantages of the Master of Public Health program

  • the possibility of a parallel study together with another study program,
  • the possibility of shortening the study,
  • choice of the form of study.

Form of study:

If the student does not come from the Slovak Republic or does not have the opportunity to come to the study centre, the study is also possible only online.

Method of evaluation and completion of the course (Blended form):

  • Quizzes
  • Live webinar or Podcast tutorial with a teacher in real-time
  • E-learning without teacher supervision in real-time
  • Independent learning without supervision
  • Final evaluation: Exam

All forms of assessment that are carried out without the supervision of a trainer, trainer, tutor or other appropriate education or training provider, including cases where assessment is based on competencies, maybe turn into an opportunity for learning.

Method of evaluation and completion of the course (Distance form):

  • Supervised induction sessions
  • Learner feedback with a teacher in real-time
  • Supervised independent learning
  • Classroom-based learning supervised by a teacher
  • Work-based learning supervised by a teacher
  • Live webinar or telephone tutorial with a teacher in real-time
  • E-learning supervised by a teacher in real-time
  • Final evaluation: Exam

 All forms of assessment that take place under the immediate guidance or supervision of a lecturer, supervisor, tutor or another appropriate provider of education or training, including where the assessment is competence-based and may be turned into a learning opportunity.

For more information about the general admission procedure click here.

Mandatory units MPH

1. Organisational Behaviour
2. Managing Finance in the Public Sector
3. International Healthcare Policy
4. Manage Continuous Organisational Improvement
5. Developing Organisational Vision and Strategic Direction
6. Research for Senior Managers

Optional units MPH

1. Human Resource Management
2. Project Management**
3. Programme Leadership
4. Strategic Resource Management
5. Risk Management
6. Managing Stakeholder Engagement
7. Corporate Communications Strategies
8. Leading Organisational Equality and Diversity
9. Sustainable Business Strategy
10. Managing Quality and Service Delivery

Learners should complete a further 2 or 3 units

from the list of optional units to achieve a minimum of 120 credits for the Diploma.

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