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MSc – Master of Science

MSc – Master of Science study program covers various areas ranging from IT through natural sciences to management. The MSc program, such as MSc Strategic Management, is designed for early-stage students or for graduates wishing to increase their qualifications before entering the labour market.

The content of the MSc programs offers students an extension of their existing theoretical knowledge from previous studies. During their studies, students will gain deeper knowledge in the field they have chosen and in which they want to specialize in. The study allows students to develop their knowledge in a specific area of ​​business.

The curriculum focuses on the development of practical skills. During their studies, students work with a case study, obtaining theoretical information from the latest literature, supported by a professional interpretation by the lecturer (s). The duration of the study is from 12 to 24 months.

This program is suitable for students who are more oriented to the empirical environment of the field, the practical applicability of the researched issue and sustainability.

Form of the study:

Combined form (Blended learning)

The combined form (Blended learning) is a combination of online study with passing exams and defending project work directly at the academy, or in one of the partner ICC – Information Consultation Centres of the academy. The combined form of study offers flexible learning opportunities that allow you to combine study with work or entrepreneurship. During the study, the student is in direct contact with the teacher via e-mail or via the SEP Online Platform. The online form of study has the character of modern education without regular weekend lectures.

Selection of modules, specialization and Advantages of the study

  • the possibility of a parallel study together with another study program,
  • specialization in a certain field of Management,
  • the possibility of shortening the study,
  • choice of a form of study.

Entry requirements for MS.c.:  

  • Completion of either a Bachelor´s degree or equivalent to the level of an academic bachelor’s degree.

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MSc – Master of Science - Mondo International Academy