Parallel and Double Degree studies

Mondo International Academy

Parallel and Double Degree studies

Parallel and Double Degree studies are suitable for students as well as graduates of Universities.

Enrollment in parallel or double degree studies:

  • If you are already enrolled in a degree program at the University or other Institutions of Higher Education you can simultaneously enroll in a second-degree program at Mondo International Academy –  you need to apply for a parallel degree program.
  • The enrollment is possible also during your studies at Mondo International Academy if you wish to work towards an additional degree. In this case, you need to apply for double degree studies.

For former students of Universities, the extent to which additional tests are carried out, based on the examination of previous study results and completed subjects, is determined. You can request a transcript of modules at your college or university’s study department.

Students in the last year of Master´s studies have the opportunity to submit their diploma theses a year later.

Benefits of Parallel and Double degree studies

  • Your home-based academic achievements will be at an international level, with the possibility of continuing in a further study.
  • Students can choose from various forms of the study.
  • Flexible study plan.
  • The individual form of the study.
  • Recognition of exams from the previous study.
  • Practical examinations.

More about the forms of the study here.

Examples of practical examinations:

Law: The examination may include personal participation in court proceedings and subsequent analysis, a description of the facts and the reasoning of the court’s judgment, or a proposal for the outcome if the case has not been concluded on the day of the hearing. The lawsuit should touch upon the thematic area of the study (state the procedure number).

Public administration, public policy, and international relations: Attending a parliamentary meeting or a committee (if it was public). The student describes the subject and comments on the progress or outcome of the discussion.

Social care: Praxis in social care services. Students describe their project, the work he participated in, and the expected outcome in the case of the end of the project or the achieved result for the time devoted to this work.

The opportunity of parallel and double-degree studies was created on the basis of cooperation between Mondo International Academy and Madison International Institute & Business School.