Mondo International Academy

The Study

The Study at Mondo International Academy provides graduates through the world of technology, law, trade, tourism, science, and economics. Our studies provide practical and long-term career opportunities in the world of Business. The content of our studies is specially adapted to both International and Slovak market requirements. Lecturers at Mondo International Academy are all practitioners and they are in addition to their educational activities engaged in their own business, are consultants in their field for large companies.

Online Study form:

All of our study programs offer flexible learning opportunities that make it possible to combine study with work and business. At present, our educational institution offers an online form in addition to consulting and external forms of study. During the online study, the student is in direct contact with the teacher via e-mail. The online form of study has the character of modern education without regular weekend lectures. The number of face-to-face meetings (consultations) varies and adapts to the needs of each subject. The requirements for online study are the same as for full-time or part-time study. Students who choose to study online will submit written tests electronically.

Consultation form:

Consultation form of study is a combination of online study and seminar days with a lecturer. The consultation days shall be held on pre-agreed dates. Each subject is assigned one day of consultation, and if necessary, it is possible to adjust the number of days or the extent of hours, in agreement with the management and lecturer of the particular subject.

Full-time study:

A full-time study is a classic form of education. The study runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday. The minimum number of students is 10, but not more than 20, because of the interactive and live form of study between the students and the lecturer. Studying should be an experience and not memorization.

External form of study:

The external form of study is on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays. This form of study is designed for students who are employed and do not have much time to study. The minimum number of students is 7, but not more than 15, due to an interactive and live form of study between the students and the lecturer.

The study ends with working out the final thesis. Each final thesis must have a positive rating from the supervisor and the opponent.

The study is not based on the semester system.

The study ends with working out a Bachelor´s (30/50 pages), Master´s (70/90 pages) or Dissertation (150/250 pages) thesis work.

Some programs offer the possibility of a joint degree or a double degree.