Mondo International Academy

Choosing modules

As a part of the application form, every student must identify which modules he/she would like to study.

Every study program has information about the core modules and options by which you can create a study pathway that suits your own interests and longer-term career aspirations.

There are 8 core (compulsory) modules in every year of the study program.

The student has the option to specialize in his study by replacing three of them with 3 modules from another study program. For example from MBA or MSc.

Some programs offer the possibility of a joint degree or a double degree.

The above conditions are not applicable to the MA, BA and BBA programs.

The MA, BA and BBA programs consist of 12 mandatory modules for each study year, of which 3 may be replaced by modules from MBA, MSc, or LL.M. study programs.

 When choosing modules, consider the following:

  • Do the methods of studying suit your preferences and abilities?
  • Will your choices give you the breadth of coverage or the depth of specialism that you´d like to achieve?
  • If you already have a career direction in mind, will your choices prepare you with relevant skills and knowledge?
  • Will your combination of module choices fit well together in terms of topics and study methods?

The study ends with working out a Bachelor´s (30/50 pages), Master´s (70/90 pages) or Dissertation (150/250 pages) thesis work.