Mondo International Academy

Choosing modules

As a part of the application form, every student must identify which modules he/she would like to study.

Every study program has information about the core modules and options by which you can create a study pathway that suits your own interests and longer-term career aspirations.

There are 3 core (compulsory) modules in every study program.

Every student can choose 6 modules from mandatory modules and 3 is an element of choice – every student can select 3 modules (elective modules) from different study program and combine them to construct your specialization of the study program. Some programs offer the possibility of a joint degree or a double degree.

 When choosing modules, consider the following:

  • Do the methods of studying suit your preferences and abilities?
  • Will your choices give you the breadth of coverage or the depth of specialism that you´d like to achieve?
  • If you already have a career direction in mind, will your choices prepare you with relevant skills and knowledge?
  • Will your combination of module choices fit well together in terms of topics and study methods?

The study ends with working out a Bachelor´s (30/50 pages), Master´s (70/90 pages) or Dissertation (150/250 pages) thesis work.