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Forms & Length of Studies

  • Blended learning, and
  • Distance form of study

If the student does not come from the Slovak Republic or does not have the opportunity to come to the study centre, the study is also possible only online. Communication, examinations and evaluations take place via SEP-Student Education Profile system. Blended learning is a combination of online study with taking exams and defending project work directly at the academy. The blended form of study offers flexible learning opportunities that allow you to combine study with your work or business. During the study, the student is in direct contact with the lector via e-mail or via the SEP Online Platform. The online form of study has the character of modern education without regular weekend lectures.

The distance form of study involves personal participation in the educational process directly at the academy. The number of days depends on the subject of the study programme (please inquire directly at the academy for more information).

Key benefits of studying at Mondo International Academy

A qualification at Mondo International Academy can be used for professional development for those who are employed or for students who prefer other than the full-time form of study. A flexible way of studying allows students and lecturers to jointly choose appropriate teaching and assessment methods to suit the study and content of the subjects.
By completing the study programmes, the student will gain the output with added value. Upon successful completion of the study, students will receive a diploma (not a certificate or attestation).

The selection of modules and specialization

The student has several options when choosing modules. The first advantage for the student is the specialization of the program. There are basic (core) modules in every study program. The student determines the specialization by replacing modules from another study program and continues in the selected specialization.
The second option is to change three subjects from the elective subjects, and the third option is to keep the study program unchanged and, thus, only complete the compulsory subjects.

Language: Slovak, German, English, Hungarian a.o. Online or Distance form
Online form: Innovative study platform. Flexible study in term of place and time.
Diploma: in English and French language Online test and exams can be taken from anywhere.
Duration: 12 - 60 month (according to the program). Study through online platform (SEP).
Beginning of study: Every first day of the month, the application can be submitted at any time. Adapt the study to your living conditions.

When choosing modules, consider the following:

  • Do the methods of studying suit your preferences and abilities?
  • Will your choices give you the breadth of coverage or the depth of specialism that you´d like to achieve?
  • If you already have a career direction in mind, will your choices prepare you with relevant skills and knowledge?
  • Will your combination of module choices fit well together in terms of topics and study methods?

Length of Studies:

  • Bachelor’s studies                                 3 to 4 years
  • Master’s studies                                    2 to 3 years
  • PhD’s studies                                        3 to 5 years
  • MBA, MPH, MHA, LL.M.                       2 to 3 years
    If a student is unable to complete their studies within the study period it is possible to extend the duration of studies and a new expiration date of the studies will be entered in the Student Contract.   


The exams take the form of an “Open Book Exam”

Open Book Exam is a modern form of exams where students have the opportunity to use literature as well as the Internet. Each test lasts 4 to 6 hours.

Distance form 60/40 / Blended 80/20

The total time leading to qualifications includes:

  • getting ready for the lesson,
  • independent research/education without supervision,
  • working on assignments,
  • unattended e-learning,
  • watching pre-recorded podcasts or webinars,
  • any other form of learning, education or training that is not under the direct supervision of the tutor/teacher, lecturer, supervisor, trainer,
  • consultations,
  • exams,
  • presentations,
  • defences

Continuous assessment

  • Entrance test 10%
  • Case study (oral presentation in PowerPoint or online) 10%
  • Mid-term quiz (written or online) 30%
  • Case study (oral presentation in PowerPoint or online) 10%
  • Final written exam, 10 – 15 pages, Open Book Exam 40%
  • Total per module: 100%

The study ends with working out a Bachelor´s (30/50 pages), Master´s (70/90 pages) or Dissertation (150/250 pages) thesis work.

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