Mondo International Academy

Forms & Length of Studies

Mondo International Academy offers various Forms & Length of Studies:

  • Full-time form
  • Online form
  • Consulting form
  • Individual form

Full-time studies are very common and well known. In addition to full-time degree programs, there are further forms of study such as online studying and consulting form.

Consulting form is also known as „studying while employed“. When studying full-time, as a rule, the student must attend seminars, lectures and other teaching events in person while in consulting form student agrees with the teacher on personal consultations.

The online form of education is an advantageous tool for foreign as well as domestic students and for those who can´t travel. In such cases, we choose the most appropriate communication and become a mentor for the student. We will provide all the necessary steps, study materials, and training which students need for their studies. We take care of their study plan and schedule so that our students never miss anything and successfully complete their studies.

The individual form of studies means that every student has a supervisor who accompanies the student throughout the entire study. The supervisor is a mentor, assessor and student consultant. This form of study is characterized by high flexibility and freedom to complete individual courses or modules. Even in this case, we take care of the study plan so that you do not miss the exams and successfully complete the study. 

All study forms mentioned above comprises:

The possibility of selecting modules which student enrolls online, full-time or in a consultation form.

This selection comprises compulsory modules and mandatory modules. The student specializes in his study focus by replacing three of them with three elective modules from another study program.

Forms & Length of Studies


  • compulsory modules are completed in full-time form
  • mandatory modules are completed in a consultation form

Options vary from a full-time, consultative form or accelerated online study programs that can be completed in just one year. The length of the study varies also according to previous achieved education and professional experience. Previous study results may be recognized if they meet the criteria for the exam recognition process.

  • Bachelor´s studies                                3 Years
  • Master´s studies                                    2 Years
  • Ph.D.´s studies                                       27 months – 5 years
  • MBA, MPH, MSc, LL.M.                         2 Years
  • High school studies (A.A and A.S)        2 Years

If a student is unable to complete their studies within the study period it is possible to extend the duration of studies and a new expiration date of the studies will be entered in the Student Contract.